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Famous Bbq & Band Night Bash

Our yearly BBQ Bash on every first saturday in August is an event that has been a tradition for 40 years. This is a special occasion where we gather to enjoy great food, drinks and music. One of the owners Peter Brayshaw and his band always play alongside other talented musicians. As a pub with a rich musical history, it's not unusual to find spontaneous jam sessions happening throughout the year. These are nights not to be missed, and who knows, you might even join in yourself. So come along and experience the electric atmosphere of our BBQ Bash, a celebration of food, music and community.


King Charles III coronation 

We would like to welcome you to come join us here at the Yorkshire Hussars on May 6th and celebrate the the coronation of King Charles. With an all day BBQ and live music from 4pm, this will be a historic day not to be missed!

el hussars_edited.jpg

Themed Nights

At our pub, we love to mix things up with regular theme nights that will transport you to a whole new world. We go all out on party nights, from our famous Mexican night with traditional food and drink to our Bond night, where you are expected to dress up, drink and dine the night away, and even have a cheeky gamble in our pop-up casino. These themed nights are not to be missed, and we recommend subscribing to our newsletter to keep up to date with our upcoming events. So why not join us for a night of fun and escapism, as we bring our favourite themes to life.

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